September 2021
Organized the Tokyo Degenerates team and finalized the
overall concept and project direction.

October 2021
Finalized the Roadmap. Completed the art. Mint website, smart contracts, and art mixing algorythm finished. Picture in Picture development begins.

November 2021
Picture in Picture development almost complete.

December 2021
Early Access sale completed.

January 2022
Start rebrand planning.

February 2022 Details on how to include BAYC members in whitelist finalized.
Rebranding underway.

March 2022
Rebranding complete. Website redesign begins.
Kao Pass and Degen Metro map almost finalized.

April 2022
Hire an additional engineer for the REDACTED. Website redesign finished. Kao Pass and Degen Metro map almost finalized.

May 2022 Website and rebranding art complete. Kao Pass and Degen Metro map finalized. Rebrand underway.

June 2022 Rebrand underway and launch strategy finalized.