The Team

Our core members are a diverse dream-team of artists and developers who came together to form the Tokyo Degenerates (Doxxed members ). We are headquartered in Tokyo, with members spread out worldwide.

Our satellite members located worldwide are made up of you, our community. You as a Gachi holder will also have a big part in shaping the direction of the Gachi brand.

The Project

Gachi is our genesis drop. Our core team members came together to start the project in September 2021, which was a very different NFT environment. We were a lean and scrappy project with big ideas, however we lacked a brand identity and struggled with getting the word out about what we were developing.
We had an Early Access sale of a few NFTs, and those buyers have helped to shape the project as you know it today. We have continued developing the tech since September and have built out the creative team to 7 members. Our rebrand and relaunch happened in June 2022. We are in this for the long haul and are excited to have you as a part of our community.