Is there a Discord?
Yes. Come and say hi! https://discord.gg/g5jVc3RMHA
How do I get on the whitelist?
Here are a few ideas on how you can get whitelisted:
Help introduce new Discord members and Twitter followers to the Gachi. Answer basic questions and help them get whitelisted.
Creating fan art.
Create Discord stickers.
Create memes and posting in our fan our channel, and tweeting.
Boosting our server.
Have a Gachi meetup in your area and tweet about it!
Make a Gachi mixtape on Spotify or Youtube and share it!
You can create YouTube videos, sing about the project and stand up comedy contest, and many more!
When is the mint date?
We are still deciding the mint date. Check in on Discord for the most up to date information.
What is the price per NFT?
We are still determining the price. Check in on Discord for the most up to date information.
How many NFTs are there?
What are the maximum mints per wallet?
We haven’t decided this yet. Check back soon!
What are the funds being used for?
The funds will be used to expand our team in order to launch more products! The NFT competition is fierce. We have to work hard to make our mark.
How soon after minting is the reveal?
Reveal is within 1 week.
What are secondary sales royalties?
5 - 6.9% TBD
Is there a roadmap?
We have an overall strategy, and we show our updates. That will give you a better idea of what we are working on and how far we’ve come.
What intellectual property rights do NFT holders receive?
Gachi NFT holders have full commercial rights of the NFT that they own. Full details coming soon.
How does Picture in Picture work?
Simply put your Gachi NFT in the same wallet as your Bored Ape. Your Bored Ape NFT will appear on your Gachi’s t-shirt. Currently this feature only works with t-shirts, but we are developing it for other jackets, etc soon.
What’s the Kao Pass Card?
The Kao (pronounced “cow”) Pass is your online degen identity and your passport into the Gachi universe.
Every Gachi has their own Kao Pass page which you can sign in with your Metamask in order to update your bio, etc.
The Kao Pass Card levels up the longer you hold your Gachi in your wallet giving you discounts and access to future drops.
How fast do the Kao Pass Card level up?
The speed at which it levels up depends on whether you minted your NFT or bought it on the secondary market.
What is Degen Metro?
The Gachi world is based on the Degen Metro train map of Neo Tokyo. Gachis navigate the Gachi Universe by train or by car. This map illustrates the different areas and details behind our lore.
What’s up with the cars?
Car culture is a big part of a certain subculture in Japan. We were inspired by:
Is the collection only men?
Yes, but there will be a women drop soon as well.
How can we collaborate with Gachi?
Please fill out this form: