Details matter. Our lead artist Kâmö is a stickler for details. Zoom in and see for yourself! We chose this straight portrait style as to emphasize the clothing and also allows us to have a large canvas for our Picture in Picture feature. We also like this style as it gives a more natural view of the facial features.

The intricacy of the patterns and colors in the apparel, thin drawing lines, shadows, especially on the clothing and hair, the wear on the electronics, etc are all aspects Gachi that I’m sure you will find quite unique.

Many of our traits have multiple layers making it difficult to replicate. Most projects will layer glasses or hats simply on top of the hair, which simply overlaps the hair unnaturally.

We take a different approach. If you look, this particular hair trait has two layers. One for the back of the head and another for the front. As you can see, this creates a wrap around effect of the VR goggles trait in the final image ‘D’.

We have a 7 person creative team working on various aspects of the project. However we also value community participation and are excited to see community art based around the Gachi Universe.