Introducing, Gachi by the Tokyo Degenerates

ガチ 「gachi」is Japanese slang for something or someone is serious.
“Gachi umai” - “Seriously tasty”
“Gachi yabai” - “Seriously bad (as in good)” in other words, “incredible”.

Gachi is the first NFT with Picture in Picture. Put your Gachi in the same wallet as your Bored Ape, and your Ape will automajically appear on your Gachi’s t-shirt! See here for details. (More projects will be announced soon)

Your Gachi is your online identity for the metaverse. You are free to make money from this identity and we are building you the tools to do so.

You are assigned an ID card (Kao Pass card) and have a dedicated profile page that you can edit and give your Gachi a name.

This Kao Pass card levels up the longer you hold your Gachi giving you additional benefits and rewards. Your Kao Pass card is your access pass to participate in our online Neo Tokyo metaverse (map) and in-person events worldwide.

We are releasing mix tapes, scavenger hunts, streetwear collabs, additional NFT drops, and other industry first features for your Gachi NFTs.

Be a part of this movement together with us.